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Applied Information Sciences, Inc (AIS) has been focused on utilizing Microsoft SharePoint and Azure for several years to build innovative, cost-effective solutions for our clients. Additionally over the last year, we have been begun creating solutions that leverage SaaS video transcoding, hosting and management platforms to incorporate video in the content management solutions we develop for our clients. With the recent release of Azure Media Services, we decided to combine those experiences into developing a SharePoint 2013 Office App solution. Our Media Center App is a combination of an Office Agave, a SharePoint App and Azure Media Services that allows users to incorporate rich media management and delivery capabilities into their SharePoint-based portal. Using the Media Center App, customers can access rich media capabilities within Office and SharePoint. Since the content is hosted inside Azure media services, customers don’t have to worry about corporate storage / bandwidth constraints, or the transcoding formats that are required to support a wide array of devices. At the same time, customers are able to leverage the core SharePoint capabilities such as search, centralized management of metadata, approval workflows for media asset ingestion and custom views for easy browsing etc. The companion Media Center Office Agave allows customers to access the media content without leaving their Office desktop applications such as Outlook. Our primary target is organizations that want to extend their SharePoint based intranet to include rich media assets. These organizations want to combine the use of SharePoint (search, metadata, workflows etc.) to include rich media. We envision two approaches that organizations may undertake: • Organizations interested in deploying SharePoint 15 to on-premises infrastructure • Organizations looking to leverage SharePoint Online as a way to tap into media and other capabilities

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SharePoint 2013 Media Center App
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