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App works great, installing via App Store is not Intuitive

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March 3, 2014 by Admin@167CT Consult
This review is for a previous version:

This App worked perfectly for me once I got it installed in my O365 team site. It was very easy to connect to OneDrive or Google Drive directly from the SharePoint UI and select documents and files to copy over. 
I think I know why the previous reviewer had an issue - the fault lies with how the App Store works rather than the App itself. It sounds like the person was waiting for the App to magically appear in the UI after downloading from the App Store. When you first select the App it starts to download and install in your App settings. It does look like the app will now be available at this point. You actually have to go back into the Add an App setting in O365 all over again and select the App again once it is installed in your App catalogue. In other words it is almost like you have to install an App twice. Not the most intuitive.

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