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Project Professional 2013

Easily collaborate with others to quickly start and deliver winning projects. Improved synchronization with SharePoint 2013 helps you effectively track status from virtually anywhere.
  • Microsoft Project Professional 2013 gives you powerful new ways to effectively manage important projects. Unlock easy collaboration capabilities to quickly start and deliver winning projects while leveraging the power of Office 365 or SharePoint to work from virtually anywhere. Make communication instantaneous through seamless integration of Lync 2013 to call or instant message team members from Project Professional. Extend Project’s functionality with Apps for Office to meet your specific business needs.

    Stay organized

    Easily plan & manage your projects with intuitive controls and flexible team tools to help your organization deliver the intended business value.

    • Quickly focus on what matters, easily select actions to take, and seamlessly browse functions with an enhanced visual experience.
    • Tap into the latest Project templates on from within Project to get started quickly.
    • Stay organized by having quick access to recent files and location from the Backstage.
    Easily plan & manage your projects
    Be efficient and prioritize

    Be efficient and prioritize by aggregating everyday work, project tasks, important details, and timelines in a visually rich and contextual interface.

    • Stay in control of your project plans no matter the size.
    • Rich, out-of-the-box reporting tools within a familiar Office-like experience help you quickly and easily measure progress and resource allocation.
    • With Task Path highlighting in the Gantt chart, you always know how your tasks come together and identify which are most critical to your project’s success.
    • Focus on what matters most in a contextual user interface to organize tasks, link tasks, and create timelines.

    Manage anywhere with tools to keep you connected with your team and on top of your projects while you’re on the go.

    • Share the latest status, conversations, and Project Timeline through a dedicated project site with improved integration between Project and Office 365 (or SharePoint).
    • Create your project site with a few simple clicks to quickly share project details with your team, keeping everyone connected and organized.
    Manage anywhere

    Deliver Projects Successfully

    Deliver effective presentations

    Deliver effective presentations that offer immediate insight into task planning, resource allocation, cost efficiencies, and the many important details of your projects.

    • The Project timeline view helps you visualize your project to deliver stellar presentations to your team, executives, and stakeholders.
    • Easily share insights that help you better communicate progress and achieve results.
    • Use out-of-the-box reports such as Burndown and Resource Overview, or create your own with a familiar Excel-like experience to quickly measure progress and communicate effectively with your team, executives and stakeholders.
    • Easily copy and paste from Project to familiar Office applications like Word and PowerPoint without losing fidelity or the ability to make changes to labels and styles.

    Anticipate Change with forward-looking views into the everyday work going into your projects and the resources needed to get that work done.

    • Enhanced tools like Team Planner help you see and amend potential problems before they can impact your schedule.
    • With Project, you can set tasks to "Inactive" and quickly analyze "what if" scenarios without recreating your entire project plan.
    Anticipate Change
    Explore the Office Store

    Explore the Office Store to quickly innovate with flexible options to customize and extend out-of-the-box capabilities.

    • The new Office Store provides Apps for Office that extend the functionality of Project to solve unique problems to meet your needs and the needs of your business.
    • Find apps at and choose distribution options or provide access through a corporate app catalog.
    • Tap into robust application architecture with a readily available software development kit (SDK) for custom programmability.

    Improve everyday collaboration

    Work seamlessly across tools to help everyone on your team work together with the information they need to be successful.

    • Project works well with Office, Office 365, SharePoint, and Lync to give you a complete collaborative project management system.
    • Easily copy project information to Office applications like PowerPoint and email, or save important plans and details to Office 365 and SharePoint.
    • Task list synchronization between Project and Office 365 or SharePoint is better than ever and helps you quickly deliver project information to your team and easily receive their changes from virtually anywhere.
    Work seamlessly across tools
    Communicate in real time

    Communicate in real time with team members down the hall or across the globe with tools designed to transmit your critical conversations quickly and securely.

    • See whether a team member is available to talk or instant message with Lync by glancing at their presence status in your project plan.
    • Send instant messages to kick off real-time conversations and shared meeting spaces right from your project with Lync Online integration between Project and Office 365.
    • Deliver project information, effectively track status, and receive changes from virtually anywhere by using improved list synchronization between SharePoint and Project.
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