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Create your first presentation

Example of title, text, and content layout

A slide with a layout that includes space for a title, text on the left, and content such as a picture on the right.
Callout 1 Title placeholder.
Callout 2 Text placeholder.
Callout 3 Content placeholder. Click one of the icons to insert a table, chart, piece of Clip Art, picture file, diagram from the Diagram Gallery, or media clip, such as a sound or video file.

Whenever you type within a placeholder, you're working within the layout because placeholders — what type of content they're for and how they're arranged — make up the layout.

The picture shows the effect of applying a layout that has a text placeholder on the left and a content placeholder on the right. Each has built-in properties that support the type of content.

In the Lesson 1 practice session, you typed into a text placeholder and saw some of its behavior: a default bulleted list and the AutoFit Options button that accommodates overflow text.

A content placeholder has its own built-in behavior. It will position a picture or other graphical element in that space, and it provides icons that you can click to insert pictures, charts, or tables. It also will automatically reposition content in some cases when you introduce a new element onto the slide.

Using an icon in a layout is one way to insert, and it's described in more detail next.

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