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Org charts A to Z

Test yourself

Complete the following test so you can be sure you understand the material. Your answers are private, and test results are not scored.

What's a best practice for turning AutoLayout off?

Just remember to toggle it back on when you want to resume adding shapes and having them automatically snap to the right relationships in the chart.

First, do everything you want to do with AutoLayout on; after you turn it off, leave it off.

You should never turn off AutoLayout.

Assuming AutoLayout is turned off, how should you adjust the length of a connector you've applied?

Click the connector to select it, then use the crosshairs pointer to drag the connector longer or shorter.

Click the shape for the connector you want to change, and drag the shape to shorten or lengthen the connector.

What's the best way to add a connector to shapes?

On the Drawing toolbar, click the Line button. Use the crosshairs pointer to draw the line.

On the Drawing toolbar, click AutoShapes, and click a type on the Connectors submenu. Click each shape to apply the start and end of the connector.

Select the shapes you want to connect. On the Drawing toolbar, click AutoShapes, and click a connector type on the Flowchart submenu.

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