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Org charts A to Z

Test yourself

Complete the following test so you can be sure you understand the material. Your answers are private, and test results are not scored.

In the terminology of the org chart, what does "layout" refer to and why should you care about it?

Layout refers to the number of shapes you have on each level of the org chart. You should care because you don't want to crowd the chart with too many shapes.

Layout refers to the way you use colors in an org chart. You should care because color, used well, can help people see the groups in the chart.

Layout refers to how the shapes in the chart branch off the connectors—standard (horizontal), left, right, or on both sides. Good layout helps scannability and optimizes space on a slide.

You want to use various styling options on the Drawing toolbar to color and design your chart. What's the best process for you to follow in applying a design?

Custom color the chart yourself instead of using a style from the Style Gallery.

Apply a style from the Style Gallery, and then use the Drawing toolbar to make changes on top of that, to such things as fill color, line style, shading, and so on.

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