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Create your first presentation

Blank slide in the PowerPoint window

A blank slide can be daunting; don't let it be. Soon you'll feel comfortable filling it up.

There it sits in the middle of the PowerPoint window: a big, blank slide. "Click to add title," says the text on the screen. It sounds easy, but you've never done this before, and the blank canvas is daunting.

Yet you have to start somewhere.

In this lesson, get comfortable with typing onto slides, arranging text, adding new slides, and navigating in the PowerPoint window. Then see how to prepare notes as you create the show, to refer to when you present.

To start your career as a PowerPoint pro, click Next and read on.

Note     If you want the superfast method of creating a show — that is, the cake mix instead of the simple cake recipe from scratch — use the AutoContent Wizard. Steps for it are in the Quick Reference Card at the end of the course. By contrast, this course's lessons show you how to do all the basic stuff yourself.

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