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Create your first presentation

Previewing notes pages in print preview

You've printed handouts to give to your audience; now print speaker notes for yourself, which you can refer to as you present.

It's a good practice to look at your speaker notes before you print them. See if they look as you're expecting them to. Start by clicking Print Preview on the Microsoft Office Button menu.

Callout 1 To print your speaker notes, select Notes Pages in the Print What list.
Callout 2 Your notes pages are shown in the preview window, starting with the first slide (unless you specify otherwise).

If you find that something isn't formatted as you'd intended or you see that note text has been cut off (as it will be if it exceeds the room in the text placeholder), you need to fix the notes either in Notes Page view or in Normal view. You'll go through this in the practice session.

After you've checked your notes and you're ready to print, you click Print.

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