Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Clip Organizer

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Microsoft Clip Organizer shortcuts

ShowKeys for using the toolbar

To do this Press
Move forward or backward one word in the Search text box. CTRL+LEFT ARROW or CTRL+RIGHT ARROW
Display the Collection List task pane. ALT+C
Display the Search task pane. ALT+S
Open Help. ALT+H

ShowKeys for finding or selecting clips

To do this Press
Move left and right, up and down, among collections or clips. ARROW KEYS
Select additional clips after one clip has been selected. SHIFT+ARROW KEYS
Select all clips on the current page. CTRL+A
Copy (select a clip and move it to the clipboard). CTRL+C
Paste (paste from the clipboard to Clip Organizer). CTRL+V
Delete selected clip or category. DELETE
Move to the beginning of a row and select the first item. HOME
Move to the end of a row and select the last item. END

ShowKeys for using the shortcut menu

To do this Press
Display a shortcut menu for a collection, clip, or link (same as right-click). SHIFT+F10
Display a shortcut menu. Shortcut Menu Key (only on the Microsoft Natural Keyboard)

ShowKeys for using the dialog boxes

To do this Press
Exit a dialog box. ESC
Shift focus forward and backward between different areas of a dialog box. TAB and SHIFT+TAB
Open the shortcut menu of a dialog box. ALT+SPACEBAR
Applies to:
Excel 2007, Outlook 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Publisher 2007, Word 2007