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Insert video into your presentation

Video icon in a slide

Insert your videos into PowerPoint 2010: embed them, or link them. Plus, learn how to resize a video frame, set playback options, and more.

Applies to:

Offline Version (48 MB)

About this course

This course includes six videos:

  • Introduction (2:59)
  • Embed a video (4:22)
  • Link to a video (2:20)
  • Size a video (2:27)
  • Playback options (7:21)

There is also a Quick Reference Card you can print at the end of the course.


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Embed a video into a presentation.
  • Manage file size by linking to a video.
  • Size a video frame.
  • Change the start and end times by trimming the video.
  • Set a video to play full screen.
  • Set a video to play automatically during a slide show.

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