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Create your first presentation

Inserting content through the Insert menu

Using the Insert menu to insert content onto the slide.
Callout 1 Be sure to select the content placeholder before you insert from the menu.
Callout 2 Choose the type of item you want from the Insert menu, with its wide range of options.

Another way to insert an item like a picture or chart is through the Insert menu. As long as you have the placeholder selected before you insert, the item will be placed in the correct area of the layout. It will also benefit from the automatic-layout behavior built into the placeholder.

The picture shows options on the Insert menu. When you point to Picture, there are a variety of additional choices that go beyond what you get by clicking an icon in the layout.

Caution about pictures    Pictures, particularly high-resolution photographs, can quickly inflate the size of your presentation. Be mindful of ways you can optimize such pictures to make them as small as possible. See the lesson Optimize pictures for more information. There are additional resources in the Quick Reference Card, too.

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