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Org charts A to Z

Basic relationships in an org chart

Callout 1 Head: all charts start with a head.
Callout 2 The Assistant branches below the person reported to and above that boss's subordinates.
Callout 3 Subordinates report to someone higher up. Their co-workers line up side by side.
Callout 4 Little gray dots mean the shape is selected and a related shape can be added to it.

Organization charts in PowerPoint are geared toward showing people and their relative positions in a company. The default org chart is inserted with just a few shapes—one at the top for the boss and three below it for workers at the next level. You build on this, using these types:

  • Assistants

These shapes show below the person being reported to and above that person's subordinates.

  • Subordinates

These are inserted directly below the person they report to, and they branch horizontally or vertically (your choice) for multiple shapes.

  • Co-workers

These line up next to shapes on the same reporting level. They can also be added as subordinates to the same boss.

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