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Org charts A to Z

Chart styles available on the Drawing toolbar

Callout 1 Fill color: solid or a pattern, texture, gradient, or photo. This can apply to a shape or the chart background.
Callout 2 Line color: includes patterns that use two colors.
Callout 3 Font color.
Callout 4 Line style: sets the thickness of borders and connectors.
Callout 5 Dash style: applies a dashed or solid line. Use on either borders or connectors.

Rather than apply a complete style from the gallery, design by selecting levels in your chart and changing the fill color, line color, font color, and line style using the Drawing toolbar (see the picture on the left). These buttons all display the current slide's color scheme as the default choices; of course, you needn't stay within that scheme—however, note that color scheme colors automatically update when you apply a different scheme; other colors will stay unchanged.

Important     If you think you might be doing some advanced editing to the chart (such as adding AutoShapes and changing connectors—all discussed in Lesson 3), hand styling is the way to go for your chart design.

Select in groups

In the first lesson's practice, you got a glimpse of the options to select by branch or group. These are on the Org Chart toolbar's Select menu. Use them to style one or another group in the chart all at once. For example, select all the Assistants, or all the Subordinates on a certain level, to apply the same styles to all. You can group by:

  • Level Icon image
  • Branch Icon image
  • All assistants Icon image
  • All connectors Icon image

You might recall that in the earlier practice, to select all the chart's shapes in order to change the font, you clicked the top shape, Margie, then chose Branch from the menu to select every shape below Margie.

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