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Create your first presentation

Using the Package for CD command

Use the Package for CD command on the File menu to copy your presentation file and other files it needs to a folder or a CD.

As preparation for presenting, package your presentation to a folder or burn it to a CD (details below) and be sure that you have access to it from the presenting computer. "Package" refers to the process of copying your presentation file and any other files the presentation needs. Read on.

The Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Package for CD feature bundles your presentation file and any other files you want available for this presentation into one folder, which you can then copy to a network server or burn to a CD. (Examples of additional files you might need include sound or movie files that are only linked to the presentation and not part of the presentation file.)

Always save your presentation before packaging it to a folder or CD.

About packaging for CD     To package and then copy to a CD from PowerPoint, you must have Microsoft Windows XP or later and a CD burner. If you have Microsoft Windows 2000, you can still use this feature to package the presentation files to a folder, and then use a third-party program to burn the folder to a CD.

For in-depth information about this process, see the lesson Package to a CD.

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