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Examples of color choices for printouts

Use the Options button to print in three different ways.
Callout 1 To choose a color option for the printout, click the Options button, and then point to Color/Grayscale.
Callout 2 The effect of clicking Color.
Callout 3 The effect of clicking Grayscale.
Callout 4 The effect of clicking Pure Black and White.

In print preview, check out the printing choices available by clicking the Options button :

  • Color. This reproduces all the colors of the show on your printout.

If you are printing to a black and white printer, this option becomes Color (On Black and White Printer). In this version, the show's colors are rendered in blacks, whites, and grays.

  • Grayscale. You get a modified version of the show's colors in blacks, whites, and grays. If you're printing in black and white, this option saves your ink cartridge while giving a somewhat artistic result.
  • Pure Black and White. This is the default. You get less gradation here  — fewer grays — and you lose the dimension that shading offers, while gaining some economy.
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