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Create your first presentation

Slide Finder dialog box

Callout 1 In the Slide Finder dialog box, browse to the presentation with the slides you want to use.
Callout 2 If you only want some of the slides, select those slides.
Callout 3 To retain slide formatting, make sure that the Keep source formatting check box is selected.
Callout 4 Click Insert for selected slides, or Insert All to insert all the slides from this show.

You may need to use slides from an existing presentation in your show. That's no problem. Just remember that those slides are probably using a different design template than the one that's in your presentation. PowerPoint will adapt the inserted slides to the current design—or not, if you tell it not to.

There are two methods. Either:

  • Use the Slide Finder dialog box (on the Insert menu, click Slides from Files), pictured here.


  • Copy and paste the slides, and then use the commands on the Paste Options button to get the design you want. The Paste Options button Button image will appear under the slides you've pasted. Point to the button, click the arrow that appears, and make your formatting choices.
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