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Create your first presentation

Notes in notes pane and on notes page

Use speaker notes to elaborate on the points on the slide. Good notes can help you keep your audience engaged and prevent text overload on the slide.

Callout 1 As you develop the content on your slides, type your notes in the notes pane, below the slide. Typically, as a presenter, you print these notes and refer to them as you give the presentation.
Callout 2 You can enlarge the notes pane so that it's easier to work in by dragging the split bar.
Callout 3 Your notes are saved in a notes page, which contains a copy of the slide along with the notes. This is what you print to refer to during the show.

You'll see how to view and edit the notes page in the practice session.

There is a space limit     If your notes exceed the space on the notes page, they will get cut off when you print. You'll see how to prevent this in the lesson "Proof, print, prep for the show."

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