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Org charts A to Z

Adding a shape to a chart using the Insert Shape menu

Fig. 1  To add an Assistant shape to the org chart:
Callout 1 Click the shape you want to add the Assistant shape to. The selection shows as a gray-dot border.
Callout 2 Click Assistant on the Insert Shape menu on the toolbar. (Note that Coworker is not available for this shape because you can't automatically add a second person at the top.)
Fig. 2  The Assistant shape after it's added.

Add new shapes (that is, positions for people in the organization) to the chart through the Organization Chart toolbar (or Org Chart toolbar, as we'll continue to call it), which displays whenever the chart is selected.

To add a new shape to the chart, you click the shape you want the new shape to be related to, then click a type—Subordinate, Coworker, or Assistant—from the toolbar (see Figures 1 and 2).


  • A quick way to add Subordinates is to click the Insert Shape button on the toolbar. A Subordinate shape is added below whatever shape is selected, and you bypass the step of selecting Subordinate from the menu.
  • Right-click a shape, and you get all the related shape types on the shortcut menu.

Gray-dot border

Gray dots around a shape mean the shape, as opposed to text in the shape, is selected. You must have this type of selection in order to:

  • Delete a shape.
  • Tab through shapes.
  • Select multiple shapes (press Ctrl as you click the shapes).
  • Copy styles from one shape to another using the Format Painter button Button image.
  • Get chart options on the shortcut menu when you right-click a shape.
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