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Get out of your Inbox with Outlook 2007

Message with attachment, attachment saved to My Documents

Suppose you receive a message with an attachment, and all you really want is the attachment. You'll be glad to know that you can save the attachment to your hard disk independent of the message. That is, you can "extract" it from the message. Also, new to Outlook 2007 is the ability to preview some types of attached files right from the Reading Pane. Being able to preview a file this way may save you some time.

Once you've saved the attachment, you may no longer need the message. If this is the case, you can delete it or file it away. Another message out of your Inbox.

Caution   ¬†Because attachments have the potential to carry computer viruses, handle them with care and be sure that you're using an up-to-date virus checker. The Quick Reference Card includes more information about staying safer with attachments.

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