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Use the keyboard to work in Outlook

Using the keyboard to send an e-mail message

Pressing ALT+S sends a message, which is faster than moving your hand to the mouse, moving the pointer, and clicking Send.

One of the main reasons people use keyboard shortcuts in Outlook is because it's faster than using the mouse. You can read, send, reply, and then file messages without taking your fingers off the keyboard. For example, did you know that pressing ALT+S sends a message?

As you know from the Work with the keyboard course some people use the keyboard because they are unable to use the mouse for a physical reason or because they just find it more comfortable.

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Because the primary concern for most Outlook users is e–mail, this lesson will concentrate on that as well as look at how to move around the various areas of Outlook. (The second lesson is about the calendar and the third about contacts.)

Note    In many areas of Outlook, more than one keyboard shortcut exists to carry out the same action. Where both of these shortcuts are in common usage, both will be mentioned; use the one that makes the most sense to you. Otherwise, only the most commonly used shortcut will be mentioned.

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