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Make the switch to Outlook 2010

Test yourself

Complete the following test so you can be sure you understand the material. Your answers are private, and test results are not scored.

In the practice, you learned how to reveal Search Tools. After the tools go away, how do you get them back again?

Click in the Search box.

Close and restart Outlook.

Double-click the ribbon tab.

The place that you can quickly add your most frequently used ribbon commands is:

Backstage view


Quick Access Toolbar

To-Do Bar

How do you fully expand a multi-message conversation, so that you can see all of the messages in it?

Double-click the conversation name.

Click the little arrow or triangle to the left of the conversation name.

Click one of the big orange dots.

Drag the conversation to the Reading Pane.

Which command deletes all messages in a conversation, including any messages that may arrive in the future?

Clean Up




How do you display the new Quick Tips shortcuts?

Press CTRL+Q.

Press ALT+Q.

Press CTRL.

Press ALT.

To get to the Print tab, the Help tab, and the Info tab, which tab on the Ribbon should you click first?






Where do you find the button that opens the Outlook Options dialog box?

In the Layout group on the View tab of the ribbon.

On the Windows Start menu.

In the left pane in Backstage view.

On the Quick Access Toolbar.

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