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Get out of your Inbox with Outlook 2007

To-Do Bar submenu on View menu, Options command selected

To change what's shown in the To-Do Bar, click To-Do Bar on the View menu, and select or clear the items you want to show or hide. (Or, click Options to customize all To-Do Bar options at once.)

Showing and hiding the To-Do Bar is easy:

  • To hide it, simply press ALT+F2 or click the Close button.

Close To-Do Bar button

  • Show it again by pressing ALT+F2 or by clicking the To-Do Bar submenu on the View menu (shown in the picture).

Tip   ¬†Here's a quick way to make more room for other windows in Outlook (like the Reading Pane): Minimize the To-Do Bar by clicking the Minimize the To-Do Bar arrow next to its title.

Minimize the To-Do Bar button

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