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Use the keyboard to work in Outlook

Figures with arrows showing that CTRL+R replies to a message while CTRL+F forwards a message

Send a message by using ALT+S, reply to a message by using CTRL+R, and forward a message by using CTRL+F.

You can reply to and forward a message from a folder with the message selected or from an open message window. As with many areas of Outlook, there is more than one keyboard shortcut to accomplish an action.

You can either use ALT+ the underlined letters indicated on the Standard toolbar, as you would with items on the menu bar (for example, ALT+R to reply), or you can use the normal keyboard shortcuts:

Action Keyboard Shortcut Remember
Reply to a message CTRL+R R for Reply.
Reply All CTRL+SHIFT+R SHIFT+R is like replying but for more people so there are more keys.
Forward a message CTRL+F F for Forward.

When you start to use keyboard shortcuts, it might be easier to use ALT+ the underlined letters on the toolbar buttons because you have a visual prompt for remembering the keys. However, either way works—use the one that you prefer.

Note     Toolbars adjust as you use them and buttons can "drop off." Remember this if you intend to use the toolbar shortcuts, because if the button is not visible, the shortcut won't work. For more information about adjusting toolbar buttons, see Help.

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