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Get out of your Inbox with Outlook 2007

Three messages using colored categories

If you are working on a special project, you can make messages about the project easier to find later by marking all the related messages with a color-coded category. In the picture, we've shown some color-coded messages:

  • Green is for messages about Coho Winery and yellow is for messages about Contoso.
  • Notice that a message can be color coded with multiple colors if it applies to more than one account, as the selected message does.
  • You'll also see colored categories and their names in the Reading Pane.

If you used colored flags in Outlook 2003, you'll find that Outlook 2007 improves on this concept by allowing you to use names along with the colors.

If a message belongs in more than one category, that's okay. There's no limit to the number of categories that you assign to a message.

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