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Get out of your Inbox with Outlook 2007

Submenu that you see when you right-click a collection of messages, Move Items dialog box

The dragging method we just mentioned is fast. However, it has a down side: There's a chance that you'll accidentally "drop" the messages in the wrong location. A safer method is to right-click the message or messages you want to move and then click Move to Folder. In the example in the picture, messages are arranged by category. To move the entire Coho category to the Coho Winery folder, here's what you would do:

Callout 1 Right-click the category heading.
Callout 2 Click Move to Folder.
Callout 3 Select the folder name from the list of folders in the Move Items dialog box and click OK.

This is an especially good choice when you want to move a collection of messages. For example, if you're viewing messages in a certain arrangement, say by category, use this method to move all of the messages in that category to a folder as we've shown in the picture.

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