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Use the keyboard to work in Outlook

New appointment window with arrows showing the order which the TAB key moves through the fields

Use the TAB key to move around the various boxes in the Appointment window. Select the available commands by using ALT+ the underlined letters indicated.

A valuable feature of Outlook is being able to make meetings and appointments, which are then entered in the calendar. Meetings and appointments are similar to messages: you can create new ones and reply to ones that you receive. Once again, you can carry out these actions just by using the keyboard.

To create a new appointment, press CTRL+SHIFT+A, or simply CTRL+N if you are already in Calendar. This will enter the appointment in your calendar only; to create a new meeting request and invite other people, press CTRL+SHIFT+Q. This will be sent to whoever you enter in the To line as well as entered into your own calendar.

You can fill out the appointment or meeting details in the same way as you write a message. For example, move about using the TAB key, use CTRL+K to check names, use all the normal text formatting shortcuts, and so on. To check whether everyone is free for your meeting, use CTRL+TAB to look at the Scheduling tab.

Press ALT+S when you have finished filling in your meeting or appointment details. This sends a meeting request or saves and closes an appointment. How simple—it's the same keys as sending a message.

Action Shortcut Remember
Create a new appointment CTRL+SHIFT+A or CTRL+N A for Appointment or N for New
Create a new meeting request CTRL+SHIFT+Q Q for Quite a lot of people come to meetings
Send a meeting request ALT+S S for Send
Save and close an appointment ALT+S S for Save
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