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Calendar I: Outlook calendar basics

Steps to change time

When you schedule a meeting, you want to choose a time when people can attend. Outlook lets you and your colleagues tell each other who's busy, who's out of the office, who's free — and when.

The border color of a calendar entry indicates whether that time is scheduled as free, tentative, or out of office. You'll see the border color in your own calendar and you can change it.

Newly created appointments and meetings are automatically entered as busy, and events are automatically entered as free. By keeping this information current and accurate, you'll benefit from features that let you share your schedule with others.


  • If you change the time setting for an event from free to anything else, the whole day for that event will appear shaded.
  • If you change the time setting for a meeting you didn't create, your change will be overwritten if the meeting organizer updates the time of the meeting.
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