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Get out of your Inbox with Outlook 2007

Message being dragged to Contacts, resulting new Contact

If you're keeping a message around so that you'll have a contact's e-mail address handy, we have a better idea. Why not create a contact entry in Contacts?

As we've shown in the picture, you can drag a message to Contacts to get the contact entry started. When you drag a message to the Contacts button, a new Contact form opens and the e-mail address in the message is automatically added to it.

From there you can fill in the rest of the details, such as a street address, telephone number, and so on. The next time you need to look up a bit of information about that contact, you'll know right where to look: in Contacts.

By storing contact information in Contacts you'll be able to easily search for the contact, add him or her to a distribution list, or use the person's contact information in a mail merge. You can even store a contact's picture with the contact so you can always see a face with the name. And new to Outlook 2007 are Electronic Business Cards, which you can use to quickly and easily share contact information. If you want to learn more, see the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

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