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Calendar I: Outlook calendar basics

Images from calendar features: reminders, recurrence, categories, and free/busy time

Your Outlook calendar can save you time, remind you of the time, help you do more in less time, and show your time to others.

Writing one item in a paper calendar is a cinch. But what if something occurs on the first day of every month for the next year? You'd have to write down that same information 12 times. Doesn't seem like a cinch any more, does it? Maybe you'd rather enter it just once and let Outlook apply it all those other times.

Speaking of time, did you know that Outlook can remind you about important meetings and dates so that you're always on time? And with the Outlook color-coding system, you'll be able to organize your tasks and appointments in less time. Outlook also lets you control how time in your calendar is displayed to others, so that they can see when you're available and when you're not.

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