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Get to know OneNote

A numbered hand written list

Handwritten text can be formatted like typed text.

OneNote has all the features you would expect from a product designed for working with words. You can use bulleted and numbered lists, insert symbols, check spelling, and format fonts as you would in Microsoft® Word.

When you use a Tablet PC, OneNote recognizes handwriting as text, which means that you can format handwritten text in the same ways as typed text. For example, you can add bullets or numbering to a handwritten list.

Because it's all about taking notes, OneNote doesn't provide as much capability for formatting text as Microsoft Word. If you need to write a professional document or letter, you can always send your notes from OneNote into Word and format them there. On the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Microsoft Office Word.

To share your notes with someone else, put them into an e-mail message by pointing to Send To and then clicking Mail Recipient. Or just print them out.

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