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Get to know OneNote

The Side Note toolbar

The Side Note toolbar.
Callout 1 Page buttons (including the Keep Window on Top button).
Callout 2 Note Flag button.
Callout 3 Pen button.
Callout 4 Type/Selection tool button.
Callout 5 Screen Clipping button.
Callout 6 Record buttons.
Callout 7 The Previous Page and Next Page buttons.

Side Note has a shortened toolbar at the bottom to help you work. See the picture on the left. You can open new pages, flick back and forth through pages, and delete pages. You can also flag notes for follow up.

If you'd like Side Note to stay on top of your other windows so that it's always available to take notes, you can use the Keep Window on Top button.

Note    You can also make an audio or video recording while you take notes. For more information about this, see Take audio and video notes.

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