Service pack features in OneNote 2003

Applies to
Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 or later

Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 contains updates and performance improvements for Microsoft Office OneNote 2003. In addition, the service pack offers a number of features that make it easier to set up, use, maintain, protect, and share your digital notebook. This article summarizes these improvements.

 Note   You can download the free Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 from the Microsoft Download Center.

Enhanced notebook management

The service pack includes the following features and enhancements:

  • Page tabs    You can now resize page tabs in the side margins to show as much or as little of the page title as you want. In addition, you can give subpage tabs their own page titles and tab labels for easier identification and organization.
  • Note flags    Several additional user-definable note flags have been added to let you mark and track important notes. You can also customize note flags by choosing from dozens of colorful symbols and icons.
  • Password protection    Keep your notes safe from prying eyes by protecting notebook sections with a password. You can specify a time delay after which protected sections will be locked automatically, and a shortcut key lets you lock all protected sections in your notebook at once. Password protection travels with your notebook, so your notes are safe anywhere.
  • Search    When searching your notes, you can now specify the scope of your search. For example, you can search only the current section, the current folder with or without its subfolders, or your entire notebook. You can also choose to exclude certain sections when searching your notes.
  • Stationery    You now have more stationery choices than ever before and the addition of a Stationery task pane makes working with stationery easier. You can now associate different stationery designs with different sections in your notebook, create custom stationery from your existing notes pages, and download new designs from Microsoft Office Online.

Improved note-taking capabilities

Here are some of the ways the service pack improves your note-taking experience:

  • Date and time stamp    You can now insert a date and time stamp anywhere on a page to record or track time-sensitive or chronological events. In addition, you can now modify the date and time stamp that is automatically added to a page when it is created.
  • Screen clippings    Capture all or part of what is displayed on your computer screen, and insert it as a picture into your notes. Screen clippings are simultaneously copied to the Clipboard, so you can easily paste the image elsewhere.
  • Video notes    You can now record video as part of your notes. Just connect a Microsoft Windows®-compatible webcam to your computer and record presentations, lectures, and multimedia-based research.
  • Drag and drop    When you drag a file or a selection of text and images onto a page, you can now choose whether to import a copy of the content into your notes or merely link to its original location.

New ways to share your notes

The service pack also includes these ways to share and publish your notes:

  • Share with Others task pane    This task pane is especially useful if you frequently share your notes. It provides easy access to all of the ways in which you can make your notes available to others.
  • Shared note-taking sessions    You can now share your notes with other OneNote users in real time by hosting or participating in shared note-taking sessions. Over a live connection, you can work together on a project or share a read-only copy of your notes with an audience.
  • Shared folders support    When workgroup collaboration is key, you can publish your notes to a shared folder on your company network or on a Microsoft Windows SharePoint® Services Web site.

Better integration with Office and Windows

By installing the service pack, you can take advantage of some of the following integration options with other Microsoft Office System programs, the Windows operating system, and Windows-based devices:

  • Send notes to Word    When your notes are ready for a more formal presentation or delivery, you can copy all or part of your note pages directly to Microsoft Office Word 2003.
  • Outlook integration    If you use OneNote to take meeting notes and Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 to schedule meetings, you can now copy a list of attendees, the meeting time and place, and the agenda directly into your meeting notes in OneNote. You can also capture contact information, other types of appointments, and tasks in OneNote, and then import them into Outlook with ease.
  • Insert documents as pictures    Import snapshots of entire, formatted documents, and save them as optimized images anywhere in your notes. You can then annotate the information with typed or handwritten text.
  • System tray icon    You can now customize the default behavior of the optional OneNote icon that appears in the Windows notification area. This icon provides a quick way to start OneNote, create new side notes, instantly record audio clips, and capture screen clippings.
  • Pocket PCs and Smartphones    You can now import notes into OneNote that you've taken by using a Pocket PC or a Windows Mobile™-based Smartphone. Just connect your mobile device to your computer that's running OneNote, and transfer the information from your mobile device into your notebook.
  • Offline files support    If you use a desktop backup or mirroring solution on your computer, such as the Windows XP Offline Files feature, OneNote now offers better support for this technology.

Improved handwriting and Tablet PC support

If you use OneNote on a Tablet PC (Tablet PC: A computer that runs Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. With a Tablet PC, you can write directly on the screen by using a tablet pen and use the pen to perform mouse functions. Also known as a tablet computer.), you can enjoy the following improvements:

  • Customizable pens    You can now specify the name, color, and thickness for each of the pens available on the Pens toolbar.
  • More erasers    The eraser feature now supports three widths (small, medium, and large) for more precise erasure of ink in a drawing. In addition, a stroke eraser has been added, which lets you remove an entire stroke of ink with a single tap or click. This is especially useful for removing or correcting handwriting strokes.
  • Selection tool    You can now select individual strokes in ink drawings and decide manually when you want to switch between typing and selecting text in your notes.
  • Scratch-out gesture support    You can now use the scratch-out gesture in the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Input Panel to erase pen strokes in your handwritten notes before they are converted into typed text.
  • Handwriting recognition    Handwriting in your notes is now more accurately recognized by OneNote, especially when you erase or rewrite words in an existing block of notes. The responsiveness of the improved ink features also makes it possible to double-space your notes without creating numerous, separate ink containers.

Expanded Help and Tips content

If you want information on how to use OneNote, the service pack offers the following additions and updates:

  • Helpful Tips    This special section of sample OneNote pages is added to the default notebook when you install the service pack. It contains tips and tricks about using OneNote. By reviewing and experimenting with these pages, you'll learn how to get the most out of the program.
  • OneNote Tour    The animated product tour has been updated to give you a more complete overview of OneNote and its key features. A notebook gallery has been added to spark ideas for how you can creatively use OneNote.
  • Updated Help    OneNote Help has been revised and updated with the latest overviews and step-by-step procedures to help you use the program. When you're connected to the Internet, OneNote Help is automatically supplemented with the newest content from Office Online, including new articles, training courses, downloads, and quizzes.
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OneNote 2003