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Get to know OneNote

Page with notes, the title area and the Add a new subpage in the current group tab are highlighted

Callout 1 The header area.
Callout 2 The New Subpage tab.

When you open OneNote, you're straight into a notebook page where you can take notes. Think of it as turning the cover on a paper pad.

Unlike a paper notebook, the page in OneNote autosizes and keeps on growing as information is added. So you won't have to squeeze tiny notes in the margin as you would on paper.

Note    If you want to, you can specify a page size in the Page Setup task pane.

At the top of each page is a header area. You can type a title here; the date and time are filled in when the page is created. The header area can be opened and closed on the View menu.

If you want a group of pages related to one subject rather than one enormous page, you can use subpages. To create a subpage, click the New Subpage tab.

You can quickly flick through pages in OneNote just as you would in a paper pad by holding down the left mouse button as you move the pointer over each page tab.

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