Change how often passwords expire

User passwords expire on a regular basis in Office 365 Small Business. As an admin, you can set a policy to make a user's password expire after a certain number of days. Users are notified to change their password starting 14 days before password expiration.

 Note    Prior to November 1st 2013, the Office 365 portal could only set the password policy in the default domain. You can now use the Office 365 portal to make password policy changes to all domains. If you made password policy changes prior to November 1st, we recommend that you set the policy again to apply the policy to all of your custom domains.

Want to see the steps? Check out the video.

  1. Go to Admin > Service settings > Passwords.
  2. Type the number of days before the password should expire. Use a number of days from 14 to 730, and then click Save.

More about passwords and password expiration policies

  • How many days should I choose? Many organizations require new passwords every two or three months. Use a number of days from 14 to 730.
  • How are users notified that their password will expire? Users see a message whenever they log on, starting at 14 days before their password expires. The message shows the number of days left before their password expires and gives a link to the Change password page. For more information, see Change your password.
  • What if users don’t change their password in time? Users can still change their password after it has expired. The Update password page shows when users sign in and they can enter a new password.
  • How do I reset a user’s password? You can also reset the user’s password for them, if necessary. For more information, see Reset a user's password.
  • How can a user change their own password? Users can change their own password. For information, see Change your password.
Applies to:
Office 365 Small Business admin