What is Excel?

What is Excel?


Excel is software that lets you create tables, and calculate and analyze data. This type of software is called spreadsheet software. Excel lets you create tables that automatically calculate the totals of numerical values you input, print out tables in neat layouts, and create simple graphs.

Excel is a part of "Office", a suite of products combining several types of software for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and for managing e-mail.

Personal Budget
Personal Budget Sample
(Calculate totals)
Meal Planner
Meal Planner Sample
(Print out formatted table)
Blood Pressure Tracker
Blood Pressure Tracker Sample
(Create simple graph)
Tip: Why is it called "Office"?
Doctor You might wonder why document creation and spreadsheet software that you use at home are a part of a suite of software called "Office". There is a historical reason for this. Previously, document creation and spreadsheet software were used primarily for work. The software was combined into a suite of software for work so it was called "Office". Since then, personal computers have become popular even in the home, but the software suite, which combines document creation and spreadsheet software, is still called "Office".
Tip: Referring to Excel
Doctor Excel is usually referred to as "Excel" in the software screens or help. It is also referred to sometimes as "Microsoft Excel", "Office Excel", and "Microsoft Office Excel 2010". They all represent the Excel spreadsheet software.
Tip: Can "Excel" be used as a documentation creation software as well?
Doctor Excel is a spreadsheet software, but because it has a wealth of table layout features and printing can be limited to one page, there are people who use it also as a documentation creation software. On the other hand, Excel does not have the sophisticated text formatting and character layout features of Word. We recommend that you select the software you are going to use according to the type of document you want to create.

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Applies to:
Excel 2010, Excel 2007