Save a presentation as a movie file

To run your presentation on computers that don't have PowerPoint installed, you can save your presentation as a movie (.mov) file. You can then play the movie in any application that supports QuickTime movies.

When you save the file, you can choose to add a soundtrack, movie credits, and other options for how the movie will play.


  1. On the File menu, click Save as Movie.
  2. To add options such as credits or a background soundtrack, click Movie Options, and then do one of the following:
To Do this
Add a soundtrack

Click Movie Settings, and then under Media settings, on the Background soundtrack pop-up menu, click Select soundtrack.

 Note   If you cannot select an audio file that plays on your computer, on the Enable pop-up menu, click All Files.

Locate the soundtrack that you want, and then double-click it.

Add credits

Click the Credits tab, and then type the information you want in the credits, such as who created the movie or the copyright information.

 Note   Credits are not added to the end of the movie; instead, they are added to the file properties. To view the file properties, in Finder, select the file, click File, and then click Get Info.

Change the screen size Click Movie Settings, and then under Size and quality, select the movie dimensions that you want.
Play the movie continuously Click Movie Settings, and then under Media settings, select the Loop Movie check box.

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Applies to:
PowerPoint for Mac 2011