About designing a presentation

PowerPoint gives you the flexibility to create a basic presentation or to customize your presentation further by creating your own template. All you need for a basic presentation are the standard design elements included in PowerPoint. To create a presentation template, you create your own custom slide layouts, add common elements that will appear on each slide, and then save the file as a template so that others can use it as a starting point when creating their own presentations.

To create a basic presentation, start with these design elements:

To create your own presentation template, customize these design elements:

  • Slide master    Modify the slide master to add text or object (object: A single element of your document. An object can be a text box, an imported graphic, a shape, a picture, and so on.) that you want to appear on every slide. The slide master defines the positioning and formatting for title placeholders, content placeholders, and footer elements on its associated slide layouts. Any change you make to the slide master is reflected on its associated slide layouts, which is then reflected in the slides of your presentation that use the slide layouts.
  • Slide layouts in slide master view    Change existing slide layouts or create a custom slide layout in slide master view that fits your needs. You can then add slides with the custom layouts to your presentation.

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Applies to:
PowerPoint for Mac 2011