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Joining a Lync 2010 Online Meeting

Exercise 3: Join a meeting by phone only

Now it’s your turn to try things out. Follow these steps to practice joining an online meeting using just your phone. You can get the best experience for this exercise if you have a friend or colleague joining the meeting with you. However, you can do this alone.

Note: You will need a scheduled test meeting on your calendar. If you do not have one, the steps are provided in the course: Scheduling Lync 2010 Online Meetings.

  1. Create a test online meeting in Outlook and send an invitation to yourself.
  2. Open the meeting invitation in Outlook and note the conference phone number.

Meeting invitation image

  1. Using your telephone, dial the conference phone number listed in the meeting invitation.
  2. When prompted, enter the Conference ID number and PIN (if you are a meeting presenter).
  3. Once in the meeting, practice using the dual-tone multifrequency commands. Do any of the following:

Press *1 on your phone to play the list of the DTMF commands.

Press *3 to privately play the name of each participant in the conference.

Press *4 to toggle audience mute.

Press *6 to mute or unmute your microphone.

Press *7 to lock or unlock the conference.

Press *8 to admit all participants currently in the lobby to the conference.

Press *9 to enable or disable announcements for participant in the conference.

The DTMF commands listed here may differ based on the configuration on the Organizer’s site. To ensure accuracy, click the Find a local number link in the invite for your meeting.

  1. To exit the meeting, just hang up your phone.
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