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Design a form based on an XML schema

Schema elements as they appear in Data Source task pane

The schema as shown in the task pane. Its elements appear as fields and groups of fields in an organization that the form will also use.
Callout 1 Customer is a group in the schema. It is shown as a group by its folder icon.
Callout 2 Fields within the Customer group follow the sequence of schema data elements.
Callout 3 d:Orders is a group within the Customer group and, as indicated by its folder icon, has fields within it.

Once you have chosen a schema as the basis for your form, you can view its structure and its elements in the Data Source task pane. The schema elements appear as fields and as groups of fields, as shown in the picture. The task pane lets you see which fields belong to which groups, and what order they follow.

And how do you get these groups and fields from the schema onto your form? You simply drag them. You'll do this in the practice session.

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