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Design a form based on an XML schema

Using Change Binding command

When the Customer layout table is copied to another section in the form, exclamation points in red circles show that these controls don't bind with the schema structure. You can still use this layout table; just rebind the controls (and type a new title):
Callout 1 To rebind the Name control, right-click it.
Callout 2 On the shortcut menu, click Change Binding.
Callout 3 In the binding dialog box that appears, select the field that you'll bind the control to.

Say you've arranged and sized the controls in a table in your form exactly to your liking. Say there's another section in your form that could use this very same customized layout. Unfortunately, the controls in that section need to be bound to different fields from the controls you want to reuse. How do you change the binding while copying the layout?

You use the Change Binding command, which you find by right-clicking any control. Because it's so easy to change the binding, it's also easy to copy a control or group of controls, relabel them, and use them again, as illustrated in the picture. You'll do this in the practice.

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