About previewing and testing forms

When designing a form, you can use the Preview Form feature to test the functionality and appearance of your form before you publish it. Previewing and testing your form allows you to see and work with the form from your user's perspective.

 Note   Unlike the Print Preview feature, which only provides a static image of the form, the Preview Form feature is interactive and provides a simple way for you to test your form.

When you click Preview Form on the Standard toolbar, your form opens in a new window. You can then test your form by entering data into controls to check various features, such as text formatting, conditional formatting (conditional formatting: The process of changing the appearance of a control, including its visibility and read-write state, based on values entered into the form.), rules (rule: A condition or action, or a set of conditions or actions, that automatically performs tasks based on events and values in the form.), formulas (formula: An XPath expression made up of values, fields or groups, functions, and operators. Formulas can be used to calculate mathematical values, display dates and times, and reference fields.), and data validation (data validation: The process of testing the accuracy of data; a set of rules you can apply to a control to specify the type and range of data that users can enter.). This allows you to identify mistakes in the form's design, and then quickly switch to the design window where you can correct them. To help you identify which window you are in when you are previewing a form, Preview or Design appears in the title bar of each window.

In addition to previewing a form, you can also use sample data to quickly test the appearance of your form. Sample data is placeholder text that appears in controls on your form, and provides an example of how text will appear in the control when a user fills it out. Sample data can only be seen in design mode, and is not visible when you preview or fill out a form.

You can also test your form by filling it out just as your users will do.

Applies to:
InfoPath 2003