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Design a form based on an XML schema

Relationship between schema, form template, and form.

The relationship between an XML schema, a form template, and a form created from the form template.
Callout 1 The schema is the basis of the form template.
Callout 2 The form template, which you design, generates the form that is to be filled out.
Callout 3 The form is saved with its entered data, separate from the form template.

The form you're designing is a form template, and when you save it, it contains several other types of files bundled together. Also, the form template is stored separately from the form that a person fills out. (It has to be separate so that many people can use it over and over while still saving their individual data in the form file.) Anyway, here are details about three important file types:

  • The form template, saved as an .xsn file, contains the form's controls and layout.
  • The XML schema on which the form template is based is an .xsd file bundled with the form template file.
  • The form that opens when you fill out a form is a blank .xml file created from the form template.
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