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Up to speed with Word 2007

The Styles group on the Home tab

Choose a ready-made quick style, or apply the styles you've made before.

If you're interested in a more powerful and efficient approach to formatting than just the bold and italic commands, you'll want to know about styles in the new Word.

You work with styles on the Home tab, in the Styles group:

Callout 1 Quick Styles are ready-made, professional styles, quick and easy to apply; and they have a new look with this version of Word. The most frequently used Quick Styles will appear directly on the Ribbon.
Callout 2 Click this button to see several more ready to use Quick Styles.
Callout 3 Click the Dialog Box Launcher to open the Styles pane. This pane holds custom-made styles you might have made yourself in a previous version of Word, and it's where you go to create new or amend existing styles.

Quick Styles are more than convenient, good-looking outfits for your document. Using these styles throughout your document gives you a great advantage: one-touch makeovers. We'll show you how in the practice session coming up.

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