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Up to speed with Word 2007

The paragraph group on the Home tab

Don't overlook the Paragraph group on the Home tab.

Once you have a document open and have typed your text, you'll no doubt want to format that text. Many familiar formatting commands are in view on the Home tab, in the Font group: Bold, Italic, Font Size, and so on. And there are several more you'll find useful here.

In the Paragraph group you have the ever-popular bulleted lists, numbered lists, and multilevel lists. You've also got your indentation and alignment commands here as well.

Remember to click that small diagonal arrow Button image in the lower-right corner of the group, the Dialog Box Launcher, if you don't see options that you are accustomed to using in Word. For example, clicking the arrow in the Paragraph group opens a familiar dialog box in which you can work with indentation, widow and orphan control, and much more.

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