P14/P60 End of Year-manual: options and information

The P14/P60 End of Year-manual report contains an end-of-year summary of the National Insurance contributions (NICs), statutory payments and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) taxes paid for each employee. The information in this report corresponds to items on the P14 (end of year summary) and P60 (end of year certificate) forms. You submit P14 forms to HM Revenue & Customs and distribute P60 forms to your employees at the end of the tax year.

 Note   This report is available when you sign up for Payroll for Microsoft Office Accounting.

To open this report, on the Reports menu, point to Employees and Payroll and then click P14/P60 End of Year-manual.

If you access this report through the Payroll Year End Wizard when you are in the process of closing your tax year, you can load official HM Revenue & Customs forms into your printer and print the P14/P60 forms for your employees on official stock. If you access this report through the Reports menu or Home page, the report will be printed on plain paper. You can manually transcribe the information to the official P14 and P60 forms from HM Revenue & Customs.

The following table provides links to topics that describe additional ways in which you can work with this report.

To learn how to See this topic
Modify the appearance of the report. Modify a report
Filter the report to focus on specific areas. Report filter options: P14/P60 End of Year-manual
Export the report for further analysis. Export a report to Microsoft Office Excel
Print the report. Print a report
Save the format of the report after you have customised it. Save a report
Applies to:
Accounting 2008