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Would you like to sit back and listen to a training course? Do you find that listening while you read reinforces what you're learning? With all-audio training courses for Microsoft Office products, you can listen while you learn.

Many of you have already discovered the training courses available to Office customers. And you've been sending us feedback. One trend in that feedback is your many requests for audio on all pages of training courses, instead of just the first page of each lesson.

Audio versions of popular courses

We heard your feedback. Here are many of our newest and most popular courses, now with audio throughout.

Course What you’ll learn
Audio course: Create a FrontPage Web site How to plan, create, and publish a Web site
Audio course: Get to know Excel: Create your first workbook How to create a workbook, enter and edit text and numbers, and add rows or columns
Audio course: So that’s how! Great Outlook features to organize your Inbox Tips for organizing the e-mail that's already in your Inbox
Audio course: Slice the spam! How Outlook helps protect you from junk e-mail How the Junk E-mail Filter works, how to work with it, and how to make it work best
Audio course: Get to know OneNote The basics of using and customizing OneNote, a new program specially designed for note taking
Audio course: Get to know Excel: Enter formulas How to enter simple formulas into worksheets, and how to make formulas update their results automatically
Audio course: So that's how! Great Excel features Five great Microsoft Excel features that will help you to work faster and easier
Audio course: Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders, and text effects How to add watermarks, backgrounds, borders, shading, text animations, and other graphical effects to a Word document
Audio course: So that's how! Working with really big worksheets How to keep column and row headings in sight as you scroll and other ways to work faster in large worksheets
Audio course: Revise documents with Track Changes and comments How to review, accept and reject tracked changes and comments and customize their display.
Audio course: Sign your own macros for stronger security How to digitally sign your own macros, so you can stay with the High macro security level and still run your macros

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