Finding more clips online

Applies to
Microsoft Office XP

Microsoft Clip Organizer, which comes with Microsoft Office XP, includes many drawings, photographs, sounds, videos, and other media files — called clips — that you can insert and use in presentations, publications, and other Office documents. If you have Internet access, you can choose from even more clip content online.

How to get there

After you have connected to the Internet, you can easily search for clips from your Office program or from Clip Organizer, or connect to the Microsoft Web site that contains clip content.

Search from the Office task pane or from Clip Organizer

When you search for clips using the Insert Clip Art task pane in your Office program (on the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click Clip Art), the result set automatically includes clips that can be found online, denoted by the globe icon in the lower left corner of the clip.

Cips online from task pane or Clip Organizer

You get the same result when you search from Clip Organizer (in Microsoft Windows®, on the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Office Tools, and then click Microsoft Clip Organizer). Note the globe icon that appears with these clips.

Clip Organizer result set with web clips

Browse online

You can browse the site using your Web browser and choose clips to download as you go. On the Clip Organizer standard toolbar, click Clips Online. Or, from the Insert Clip Art task pane in your Office program, click Clips Online at the bottom of the pane. This will take you to the online clip content Web site in a browser window.

Another way to browse for clips online is to view clips in the Clip Organizer Web Collections (in the Collection List pane, double-click Web Collections). Web Collections includes clips from Microsoft partners as well as media from the Microsoft Web site.

Clips and community

Along with offering more clips, the online content Web site provides many exciting features, such as a community section where you can interact with people to share media clips, tips, and ideas. You can post your own collections and correspond with other Office users who use media clips in their Office documents. Clip-related services that are constantly updated are available here as well.