Apply a built-in theme to a slide master

When you apply a PowerPoint 2007 theme, you apply a group of slide layouts (layout: The arrangement of elements, such as title and subtitle text, lists, pictures, tables, charts, AutoShapes, and movies, on a slide.), that contain a combination of coordinating colors (theme colors: A set of colors that is used in a file. Theme colors, theme fonts, and theme effects compose a theme.), fonts (theme fonts: A set of major and minor fonts that is applied to a file. Theme fonts, theme colors, and theme effects compose a theme.), and effects (theme effects: A set of visual attributes that is applied to elements in a file. Theme effects, theme colors, and theme fonts compose a theme.).

Currency Theme

A free, pre-built Office theme, called 'Currency'

PowerPoint contains some built-in themes (theme: A set of unified design elements that provides a look for your document by using color, fonts, and graphics.), and you can also find many different kinds of free, pre-built themes on Office Online, like the one shown in the diagram above.

Whether you use a pre-built theme, create a new, custom theme, or modify an existing theme, you can follow this procedure to apply a theme to your presentation.


Built-in themes

  1. On the Design tab, in the Themes group, click MoreButton image .
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To apply a built-in theme, under Built-In, click the theme that you want.
    • To apply a newly-created theme or an existing theme that you modified and saved, under Custom, click the theme that you want.

 Note   Custom is available only if you created one or more custom themes. For more information about customizing a theme, see Customize and save a theme in PowerPoint 2007.

  • To apply a custom theme or themed document stored in a different location, click Browse for Themes, and then locate and select the theme you want.
  • To download free themes from Office Online, click More Themes on Microsoft Office Online. Scroll to locate a theme. Double-click a theme, and then click Download.

 Note   If you are unable to download a theme from Office Online, note the name of the theme, open PowerPoint, and in the Search Microsoft Office Online box, type the theme name and then click the arrow. Click to select the theme, and then click Download.


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Apply a built-in theme

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