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PivotTable III: Calculate data in PivotTable reports in Excel 2007

Conceptual view of source data in Excel and a PivotTable report

Sales data summarized in a PivotTable report.

It's bonus time at Contoso, Ltd., a food distributor. Imagine that you have opened a PivotTable report that contains data about the salespeople who work for the company.

The report summarizes 800 rows of Excel worksheet data. It shows the sum of each salesperson's sales over the past year, quarter by quarter.

Now you want to use the report to look at the numbers in several different ways. You'd like to know the number of sales each person made this year. And you want to see how much each salesperson contributed to the total sales of the company.

When you've done that, you'll figure out who gets a bonus, and how much each bonus will be.

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