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Up to speed with Excel 2007

Conceptual image of improvements to Excel: increased security, smaller file size, more columns and rows

The new file format allows improvements to Excel.

The new file format means improvements to Excel. Here are its chief benefits:

New features     In addition to the features you've seen in the previous lessons, the number of rows on a worksheet has gone from 65,536 to 1,048,576. The number of columns has increased from 256 to 16,384. You can write longer formulas in the new resizable Formula Bar. And if you click large chunks of text in a cell, the Formula Bar no longer spills into the worksheet grid.

Safer files     Workbooks containing unwanted code or macros are easier to identify and block.

Less risk of file corruption     Excel has an improved ability to open corrupt files and recover some of your work that might otherwise have been lost.

Reduced file size     Workbooks are compressed; file size is approximately 50 percent to 75 percent smaller than in previous versions of Excel. You open and save the compressed files as you are used to opening and saving any Excel file.

More useful data     More can be done with the data because its basis in XML makes it much easier to integrate with other data sets from other computers and programs. For example, store your budget data in a specialized program, select what you need, and import it into a Word document, an Excel worksheet, and an Access database.

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